The Triple Filter Test for meaningful writing

“If what you want to tell me isn’t true, isn’t good, and isn’t even useful, why would I want to hear it?” Socrates

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Long time reader, I’ve seen an increase in incorrect or badly argued content. I am ready to move on, I feel like I’m wasting my time.

What’s really unfortunate is that there are many great articles on Medium that get buried under this babel.

It’s time to heed Socrates, whose words have withstood the test of time. All meaningful articles follow Socrates’ Triple Filter.

Would you apply this simple test before clicking the “Publish” button?

1. Is it true?

Check your sources. Is there enough proof that what you are saying is true? Make an extensive research on the subject to consider different points of views. Try to raise a question on a controversial subject, rather than present just one side of the story.

If you don’t bother to check your sources, why should I bother reading?

2. Is it good?

Is something that you want to write about good? or is it only aimed to cause discomfort and distress? Is it only spreading a rumor because it triggers and excites your own imagination?

If it is something negative, and you are not even sure whether it’s true, why do you want me to read it?

3. Is it useful?

What is the purpose of the article? Is it going to help a reader to become a better person, cheer him/her/their up? Is it constructively critical, designed to help solve a problem or improve the quality of life? Will it contribute to building a better world?

If it doesn’t bring any value and has no purpose, then why publish?

Care about readers — their time and needs — if you want them to care about your writing. Thank you!

An optimist, exploring the joy of writing thanks to the freedom to love

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