“If what you want to tell me isn’t true, isn’t good, and isn’t even useful, why would I want to hear it?” Socrates

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What’s really unfortunate is that there are many great articles on Medium that get buried under this babel.

1. Is it true?

I wanted a performance to remember for the rest of my life. But money cannot always buy unforgettable memories.

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Even if the happy side of the ending is not obvious at first, and appears totally hopeless and improbably unlucky, and I am filled with incredible anxiety, stress, even agony, deep inside I know that it will reward me with an unexpected, invaluable revelation — or at least…

Some people think of polyamory as gluttony. But I choose gourmet to gourmand.

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The shock and betrayal I felt at first led to a freedom and rediscovery of our relationship I hadn’t imagined

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My ethical lover lets me break away and feel alive

I was foolish and he was desperate…

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Silence is not healing, it only deepens the trauma. Common sense and intuition might not be what your kid needs.

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I still remember that day in every detail. That unlucky day when I was very, very lucky… to survive. It’s been 30 years. They told me to forget but they didn’t tell me how.

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Love in slow motion. Feel the endlessness of time to embrace sensuality.

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kZenia Stairwells

An optimist, exploring the joy of writing thanks to the freedom to love

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